Be Strong - a Phoenix Wright fanfic

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Be Strong - a Phoenix Wright fanfic

Post  Jedward on Sun Jan 30, 2011 7:15 pm

My name's Dick Gumshoe. I had a car accident while trying to get evidence to a pal of mine named Phoenix Wright. Wait! You want to know what happened at the hospital? Okay, weird place to start but... here's what happened:

I laid in the hospital for days after the accident pal. Don't know how many exactly, but I do know that I wasn't alone. I was about to give up when I heard a voice say "Be strong". I think I heard it four times before I woke up, and each time I heard a new voice.

The first one sounded light... I think it was Pearl...
The second was soft and motherly... Maybe it was Mai...
The third was very sad... if it weren't for the yelling I never would have guessed Franziska!
The last one... well I saw him.....

Miles Edgeworth

He actually slipped away from the investigation to see a bum like me! I'll never forget it pal... the way he squeezed my hand and whispered "Be strong... my dear friend..."

Don't worry pal... I'm still goin' strong...

Thank you... everybody....

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