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Post  Drafon on Wed Apr 27, 2011 5:10 pm

Thunder roared and lightning flashed as a man ran through the dark rain. He had been outside for a long time, so long that he was soaked from head to toe. His coat didn’t help much, and he felt close to getting a bad cold, but he couldn't give up. Not yet. Not until he found her.

He had been told that danger was near, but he didn't realize how close. When he finally knew, it was too late. When he got there the house was already burning. It started to rain a little after, disintegrating the flames. He saw no one in the house, which brought relief but worry at the same time.

He stopped to catch his breath, leaning against a tree. It had been an hour now, and still no sign of her. Did she get away safely? Or was she caught?

He was about to give up when he heard a cry. He jumped and bolted towards the sound, stepping into large mud puddles and having low bushes and fallen branches pelting his legs, but he didn't slow down. He couldn’t, now that he had found who he had been looking for.

Then he saw her and skidded to a stop. She was sprawled on the ground, covered in mud and blood. Even with her hair covering her face, he knew who she was.

He knelt next to her, hearing the cry again. He realized that the cry came from near the woman's bosom. A squirming blanket was near her chest, her slightly moving chest. Thank the Goddesses! She's still alive! He moved her hair out of her face, and her eyes open slowly. She turned her head towards him, and a faint smile emerged from her dirty face. "…Daiki?"

"Yes, it's me, Daiki." He replied with tears falling down his face. "I'm so glad you're alive." He looked around. "Where is your husband?"

She breathed in lightly. "I… I don't know. He… went to fight off… that mad man.”

Daiki bit his lip, unsure of what to say. He looked at the struggling bundle. "Is he ok?"

"Yes… he's fine. Frightened… but fine."

Daiki looked around again, making sure there was no one else, than looked at her again. "What now?"

She looked at him, her eyes giving off little glow, giving away the terrible news. "I can't… go on. You… will have to… take him." With little strength, she lifted her bundle to him, and he took it.

He curled the load in one arm, and laid his other hand on the woman's cheek. "I promise to do whatever it takes, even at the cost of my own life.”

She gave a weak smile, saying "I know… you will. May the Goddesses… be with you." Her head rolled to the side, and her body stopped completely.

Daiki swallowed a sob as he got up. He had known this woman for a long time, became a very close friend, and now she was gone, and probably her husband too, who was also a good friend. He took a deep breath. He now had a new responsibility, one that mattered to the whole world.

He un-wrapped the top of the bundle, and under it was a crying child. Daiki held him close, and looked to the sky, the thunder and lighting still going strong. "May the Goddesses protect this blessed child now."

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Chapter 1

Post  Drafon on Fri Jun 03, 2011 11:41 am

Luke looked around himself. Where was he? He took note of the huge walls before him and the draw bridge still up. He was at a castle. Lightning and thunder clashed around. The draw bridge started to go down, and when the bridge was down completely a white horse charged before him.

Luke jumped out of the way. As he watched the white horse disappear he heard another set of horse hooves. He turned back at the bridge to see someone on a black horse charging towards him! Luke ran off, but as he ran he was shrouded in darkness. He had no clue where he was even going. More lightning and thunder filled the darkness with noise. Fire splurged from a lightning strike. Luke stopped, and even though it still rained the fire danced around him till it became a ring of fire, trapping him. Then a huge creature jumped through the fire, straight at Luke.

He closed his eyes and covered his face. A hard pain crashed into his shoulder. His eyes snapped open. Had the beast got him? But as he blinked reality finally crept into his mind. He was on the floor of his bedroom. That’s where the hard hit came from. He fell out of his bed!

He let out a breath of relief. It was a dream, just a dream. He tried to get out, but he had himself tangled in his bed sheets. He struggled a couple of minutes to get out, not completely awake to give out his full strength.

When he finally got out of his cocoon, he groaned and sat up, shaking his head and pushing his blond hair out of his face. He rubbed his eyes and looked at his room. The morning light rays beamed through his slightly opened curtains, showing his small room space, but good enough for one person. His small dresser was pushed against the wall.

Standing up, he stretched out his back and arms, then got changed. He stood in front of the mirror and combed his fingers through his hair, trying to use it to hide his "abnormality", but it didn't work, not anymore. He used to be able to do it when he was younger, but they got too big. His ears got too long.

He had pointed ears. They were now an inch and a half long. He measured them himself. He always had them, but he was able to easily hide them when he was a kid. He was able to grow his hair long enough to cover them. But when he started the sixth grade, they grew just long enough to stick out of his hair and for people to notice. He wished his hair was thicker, but that wish never came true.

Since then he was usually teased about his ears, being called 'elf boy', 'Santa's little helper', and other names. He wasn't short, but remembering what he had read from his fantasy books, elves weren't always short, so the name still stuck. There weren’t any really mean names, but they bugged him a lot.

Although he got himself out of all picture days, so there were no photographs of him during middle school. He had also moved after graduation, so he was able to get a clean start in high school.
"Luke! Hurry up or you'll be late!" His guardian called.

Luke grabbed his black pack and bounced down the stairs, hearing a bit of noise coming from the kitchen. What the heck? He strolling into the kitchen and Aldan, his guardian, slid a poptart packet towards him. "You don't have enough time to have a real breakfast,” he sighed, “Again."

"Poptarts aren't that bad, Aldan." Luke said, rolling his eyes and grinning. Aldan never thought poptarts were the greatest breakfast invention.

"What were you doing earlier anyway? I heard a big thump," Aldan looked at Luke with a raised eyebrow.

Luke sat on one of the kitchen chairs. "Oh, yeah. Well, I fell of the bed."

He raised both eyebrows. "Again?”

He opened the poptart packet. "It's only the third time." He took a bit out of one of the poptarts.

"Fifth, actually."

Luke swallowed and raised an eyebrow. "Are you actually counting?"

Aldan shrugged with a mischievous grin on his face. "Maybe."

Luke grinned with him. Aldan was getting old, grey hair prodded his otherwise dark brown hair and beard, but he was still cool to Luke. Aldan had brought in Luke as a parent. Luke never knew what happened to his real parents, he was too young to remember, and Aldan wouldn’t tell him. But never the less Aldan was one of the best fathers Luke knew, though he could never bring himself to call Aldan 'dad'.

Aldan shook his head. “But seriously, what kind of dreams have you been having that make you fall off the bed?”

Luke shrugged. “Just really weird dreams. This one I was at a castle, and a white horse almost trampled me. Then this guy on a black horse came running towards me-“

“A black horse?” He interrupted, looking at Luke with wide eyes. “Was the man on the horse looking for the people on the white horse? What did he look like?”

“Uh…” Luke was startled by Aldan’s reaction. “Um… I don’t know. I just ran.”

Aldan placed his hands on the table and leaned closer. “Have you had this dream before?” Luke shook his head. His brown eyes stared intently into Luke’s eyes. “What other dreams have you been having?”
Luke blinked. “Um…”

There was a small rattle noise and Aldan suddenly stopped and placed a hand on top of a pot that was set upside down on the kitchen counter.

"What's with the pot?" Luke asked, Lukeding over to look at the kitchen ware. "Did you use it?"

Aldan cleared his throat and said. “Luke, don’t you have school to go to?”

Luke checked the clock on top of the microwave. “Oh shoot! I gotta go!” He grabbed his bag, ran to the door, slipped on his brown skater shoes, and ran out the door. “See you later Aldan!”

"Have a great day!” Aldan called back.


Aldan went to the window to watch Luke. He held down a laugh as Luke almost trip form running. Clumsy, but very important.

Luke had slowed down as he went farther away from the house. As soon as he was out of sight Aldan went over to the pot and lifted it a little. "You need to calm down!"

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