My Dear Friend - A Batman: Arkham City Fanfic

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My Dear Friend - A Batman: Arkham City Fanfic

Post  Jedward on Mon Jan 09, 2012 4:52 pm

Joker paced as he waited for the Dark Knight. He tried to sit and wait but now... he was actually getting worried! Batman never took this long before.

His thoughts were interrupted by the door crashing open. Joker smiled and said "What took so long Bats? Getting tired?" Batman looked awful, all covered in blood and horribly pale. Before Joker could taunt him again Batman fell to the ground.

Joker approached slowly, saying "Bats? Is this a joke?" He flipped Batman onto his back and checked for a pulse. He felt nothing. Joker pulled him to a nearby wall and laid him against it so that he was in a sitting position. He fished the cure from his pocket and held it out for Batman. His voice was surprisingly soft as he said "I was just joking Batman... just joking..."

Joker quickly hid the cure in his pocket again when he heard Harley open the door and laugh. She went to Joker's side and gave him a tight hug as she giggled "You did it! You won Mr. J!" Harley knew something was wrong when she realized Joker hadn't reacted to her. She cupped Joker's cheek and gently turned his head towards her. She looked into his eyes and asked "Mr. J?"
"I don't get it..."
"Get what?"
"I won... right?"
"Yeah! Of course!"
"And I should be happy... right?"
"Then why aren't I?" Joker asked. Harley didn't dare ask if he was serious. She knew better. She knew how Joker really felt. Well, she had a theory. This just confirmed it. Harley kissed Joker on the cheek and said "It'll be okay puddin'. I know it'll be okay!" Joker pulled away from Harley and left without a word.

Later that night, after stopping Dr. Strange's Protocol 10, Joker walked slowly through the park in Amusement Mile. He stopped at a poorly dug grave and simply looked down at the car door-tombstone. He knelt down with a pocket knife in hand and began scratching at the paint, murmuring "Sorry, almost forgot the most important part..." He got up and read the new inscription on the door: "Here lies Batman. Gotham's greatest hero..." He trailed off and whispered "and... my dear friend..." Joker placed Strange's glasses on the grave and added "I hope you'll forgive what I did to Strange... I think I used to much Happy Gas" As he walked away he continued "The doc didn't deserve to smile..."

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Re: My Dear Friend - A Batman: Arkham City Fanfic

Post  Andromeda on Tue Jan 10, 2012 5:21 pm

A response, since this got me thinking about how other villains would react to killing Batman. For now, Two-Face.

Two-Face stared down at Batman's body, a grin twisting the side of his face that wasn't deadened by acid burns. He lounged against the wall, lazily flipping his coin and catching it. "Do I remove the cowl? Or sell the right to the highest bidder?" He flipped the coin once more, and caught it clean face up. "Fate has spoken." He knelt, pulled the cowl away, and stared into the face of a man he instantly recognized.

Two-Face laughed at his fallen enemy, but Harvey was remembering. Remembering a time before the acid, before one became two, when he was whole and happy; when Bruce Wayne - and Batman - were his friends. He gently closed the unseeing eyes and considered. Was an enemy still an enemy when he could fight you no longer? A friend still a friend when the dreams you shared had died? He brought his coin to his lips, whispered a question, and sank deeper into grief each time he got the same answer.



There were two graves; fitting, as two men had died. One was public, filled in a lovely ceremony full of mourners trading theories on why the billionaire playboy had been killed - jealous husband was the most popular. The other grave was secret, known to one man and marked only by a small flat stone, black above and white underneath. There was no body to bury, only a suit and cape. The body had been someone else anyway.

They would come visit sometimes, the two men who were one. Two-Face would brag to his enemy about his latest schemes, and imagine how Batman would try to stop them. There were other heroes now, but it wasn't the same. Harvey was always silent, reflecting. He would flip the stone over to look at the hidden side, and wonder what would have happened in a world where neither of them was split in two. He hated Two-Face in those moments, just as he hated Batman. All he wanted was for them to just be Harvey and Bruce again.

Some time later, there was an attack at Mercy Hospital. Some new villain, trying to make a name for himself. Batman's proteges were dealing with a Joker scheme, and the Birds of Prey were out of town tracking a gang of kidnappers. The hospital was defenseless. Two-Face stood in the shadows across the street, watching the chaos and tossing his coin.

"Help, or hinder? Help, or hinder?" Two-Face threw the coin in the air; and Harvey caught it, tucking it into his pocket without looking at it. "There's no room for you in Gotham" he muttered to the unknown enemy. Gun in hand, he strode through the entrance to the new hospital wing, touching his fingers for the briefest moment to the plaque that read 'In memory of our kind benefactor, Mr. Bruce Wayne.'

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