Nice guys finish last - A Shadow Hearts III fanfic

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Nice guys finish last - A Shadow Hearts III fanfic

Post  Jedward on Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:02 pm

Hilda fell hard to the ground as she was pounded my monsters. Natan managed to get the monsters away from Hilda and got her safely to Frank, the groups healer. Frank kept the monsters away from Hilda as the others actually killed them.

Ricardo set up the tent and Natan carried Hilda inside as Frank followed. Frank immediately went to work after Natan left. He mumbled to himself as he worked with the bandages "First boy, then Ricardo. Boy agreed for a while before he broke up with you... Ricardo RAN AWAY... The saying seems to be TRUE: Nice guys finish last" He finished bandaging Hilda's arm, so he started on her ankle.

It was so small and dainty, Frank silently noted as he worked. He sighed and continued "Ol' FRANK is nice... ol' Frank can be... your..." He shook his head "no... Hilda likes the OTHERS... not Frank..."

Frank finished the bandages, used Cure to speed up the healing a little, and left the tent and said in his usual, hyper-active tone "Ol' Frank has finished his MIRACLE ART OF HEALING" As the others left after hearing the news to set up their own tents Frank noticed something: Natan always shared a tent with Shania (after arguing with him anyway), Johnny would share a tent with Ricardo (after complaining about having to share with a guy), and Mao always shared a tent with Hilda.

Frank was always on his own.

He didn't mind being alone before, so why now? Was he... breaking? Frank set up his tent beside Hilda's and got into his sleeping bag. As he fell asleep his last conscious thought was...

it's not 'Nice guys' who finish last... it's FRANK finishes last....

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