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New Tragedy Meme

Post  Jedward on Sat Sep 27, 2014 8:28 pm

For each question write a short scene


  1. 7 is sick and delirious and 1 has to take care of them, but nothing is working. 7 cannot be saved. How does 1 react?
  2. 3 is captured by the villain and is being emotionally tortured. What's being done to them? Optional: Who is torturing them?
  3. 3 and 9 are forced to dual each other in order to save their friend/lover. Who wins and what do they say to each other?
  4. The characters in the list are standing over their friend's/lover's grave. What is said? Do they do anything?
  5. 10 is alone. Their companions/friends and lover have all died. How do they deal with this? What happens to them?
  6. 5 has been captured, tortured, and experimented on. Just before they die one of their captors takes pity on them and gives them a drug that will cause them to see whatever they want most in their final moments. What do they see?
  7. 2 traveled with 6, 8, and 4 through hell and back to hunt down a dangerous woman. They are exhausted and bleeding, the others were lost along the way, and now the woman has escaped. How does 2 react? how did they lose 6, 8, and 4?
  8. 7 is acting as support over earpieces for 2, 10, and 3 when suddenly they all go silent. The only one responding is 3, but they sound scared and 7 realizes they can't help. What happens?
  9. Pick one: The character in your list most afraid of losing their memories is slowly forgetting everything, The character most afraid of being alone finds the entire world devoid of others.
  10. 9 returns after 'taking care of' someone who had taken and threatened the youngest on the list. They aren't talking. It turns out they made a deal and traded their voice to save the younger one. Now must leave the young one forever.
  11. Mood Whiplash! For every character pick a song that fits them when they're about to kick some ass for the one they love/care for

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