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Post  Andromeda on Sun Aug 04, 2013 1:25 pm

Name: Althea Frieda Coy
Nickname/Alias: Freddy
Age: 22
Birth Date: July 29
Zodiac Sign: Leo
Nationality: Orellian
Socioeconomic Level as a child: Upper class
Socioeconomic Level as an adult: Upper class
Hometown: Kayde
Current Residence: William's estate
Occupation: None
Orientation: Straight
Talents/Skills: Rock-climbing, sailing, navigating the black market
Parents: Father Adrian Coy, businessman, strict, professional, overly concerned with image; Mother Rebecca Anders Coy, socialite, uninterested inhome/family, overly concerned with image
Relationship skills: Friendly, outgoing, devoted to anyone who offers her affection

Height: 5'11''
Weight: 150 lb
Race: Caucasian
Build: Athletic
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color/Length/Style: Red with streaks of copper, chin-length, straight
Glasses or contact lenses? No
Skin color: Tanned
Marks: Freckles, tribal sun tattoo on back
Handedness: Right
How does he/she dress? Lots of accessories, shows a lot of skin, fond of red and black
Mannerisms: Talks with her hands, paces when excited
Health: Good
Physical Disabilities: None

Educational Background: Homeschooled until age sixteen, often neglected studies, frustrated multiple tutors into quitting
Intelligence Level: Average
Any Mental Illnesses? No
Character's short-term goals in life: Help William
Character's long-term goals in life: Earn William's love
Philosophy: Fight for love, because it's what makes life worthwhile
How does Character see himself/herself? Strong and independent
How does Character believe he/she is perceived by others? As a worthless punk
How self-confident is the character? Usually quite confident, moments of strong self-doubt
Does the character seem ruled by emotion or logic or some combination thereof? Emotion
What would most embarrass this character? Being caught singing
Likes: Comic books, anything forbidden, fire, sailors
Dislikes: Formal occasions, upper class people, anything to do with her parents, pink, Bastian
Habits: Chewing on pens, singing to herself
Hobbies: Rock-climbing, swimming, sailing, reading comics
Speech patterns: Very casual speech, speaks fast when excited, no noticeable accent
Most Prized Possession: A Bible smuggled into the country
Non-/Super- Human Abilities: Pyrokinesis

Strengths: Loyal, passionate, determined, protective, strong-willed, witty
Weaknesses: Dependent, hot-tempered, spiteful, moody, stubborn
Introvert or Extrovert? Extrovert
How does the character deal with anger? She is quick to anger and lashes out verbally, but gets over it quickly
With stress? She lights matches one by one and lets them burn down to her fingertips
With sadness? She does nothing but mope and binge on comfort food
With conflict? Conflict can be fun for her, but if it gets too serious it stresses her and she flees
With change? She doesn't like change as much as she thinks she does, but she rolls with it just fine
With loss? She supresses her feelings until she loses her temper at something minor, and when the anger passes her grief is released
What would the character like to change in his/her life? She wants William to see her as a lover
What motivates this character? Being loved, rebellion, pleasing William, spiting her parents
What frightens this character? Being rejected, Bastian
Is the character judgmental of others? Yes
Is the character generous or stingy? Varies
Is the character generally polite or rude? Rude

Does the character believe in God? No
What are the character's spiritual beliefs? None
Is religion or spirituality a part of this character's life? No

Backstory: Freddy's parents didn't want a child as they were focused on their careers. They had little time for her and when they were around held her to impossibly high standards. She grew up feeling very unloved. When she was six her parents decided they were now ready for a baby and had Corona. At first Freddy was jealous because this baby was actually wanted, but she soon came to love her sister dearly and the two became inseparable.
When she was sixteen Freddy got in yet another fight with her parents and accidentally revealed her pyrokinesis. Rather than turn her in - and accept the shame of having a heretic child - they gave her a wad of cash and told her to disappear. A short time later she was jumped by several men in an alley. She used her power to hold them back but one managed to knock her down and stun her so she couldn't fight. William appeared and saved her. He brought her back to his estate and told her about his goals. Instantly enamored, she became his strongest supporter.

Allegiance: William
Character's role in the novel: Antagonist
Relationships with other characters:

1. Andi: Freddy respects Andi and wishes he could be brought around to their side
2. Zephyr: Freddy initially hates Zephyr because he's a soldier, but after he saves her she doesn't know how to feel
3. Bastian: Freddy hates Bastian and doesn't understand why William won't get rid of him
4. Amon: Freddy pities Amon and feels a little guilty for dragging him into events by burning his home
5. Corona: Freddy was very close to her sister but allows her jealousy to overwhelm her love
6. William: Freddy is in love with William and utterly devoted to him
7. Nadia: Nadia reminds Freddy of Corona, and is like another sister to her

Additional Notes on This Character: Gives everyone nicknames

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