I'll teach you - A Regal/Kratos story

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I'll teach you - A Regal/Kratos story

Post  Jedward on Tue Nov 29, 2011 6:43 pm

Regal and Kratos entered their hotel room after taking Presea and Lloyd to the beach. Kratos had been allowed back to the world and spent most of his time trying to make it up to Lloyd for all his mistakes, even though Lloyd always reminded him that he had been forgiven already. The kids got their own room so it was just Regal and Kratos. Regal headed for the shower, Kratos figured it was to get the salt water out of his hair. Which wouldn't be such a bad idea for him either.

After they got their showers, Kratos walked out of the bathroom just in time to get rained on by Regal, who had given up on using a towel and decided to shake his hair dry. "Do you need help?" Kratos asked, shielding his face. Regal chuckled nervously and said "I apologize. Lloyd taught me to dry my hair this way when we visited the hotspring and I fell in"

I'm Commander Shepard and I am SICK OF CLEANING UP AFTER THE COUNSEL! Thank you.

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