Don't Go - a Bartido/Lillet Oneshot

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Don't Go - a Bartido/Lillet Oneshot

Post  Jedward on Mon Oct 10, 2011 6:13 pm

Lillet always wanted to cry when a new loop started. Each new loop she would take a moment to think about what to do about Grimlet and Calvaros... but most of all, she thought about Bartido. No matter what she did he either died or sold his soul to save her.

In one time loop, lost to all she told her tale to, she spent the last day with Bartido. She locked herself and Bartido in her room and said "I'm sorry, but just this once... I want you to live" Bartido held Lillet by her shoulders and said "Lillet, listen! If we do nothing then everyone will die!" Lillet placed a hand on Bartido's cheek and said "I know... but have to save you. Every night you have died, and I can't take it anymore. We did our best, this loop is gone" Batido looked deep into Lillet's eyes and said "I don't understand... what do you mean 'every night'?" She held him close and said "Nevermind, just... don't go... just wait for the bells... they will ring soon" Bartido froze for a moment before returning Lillet's embrace. He whispered in a shaking voice "I won't leave... I'm right here" As the bells tolled Lillet held Bartido tighter and repeated "Don't go" Bartido pulled away and said "Lillet, I lo--"

The next time loop Lillet met Bartido again. When he left to help Professor Chartruese Lillet watched him leave and whispered "I love you to"

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