Shadow Hearts: Pandora's Release

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Shadow Hearts: Pandora's Release

Post  Jedward on Tue Mar 22, 2016 3:02 pm

Weapons/powers(powers are optional):

Name: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Gender: Female
Height: 6' 0"
Weapons/powers: Malice waves and Kiss of Malice
Appearance: Please give her red eyes rather than purple

Bio: Nothing is known about this woman. She simply appeared one day and began to wander, seemingly in search of something...
Other: She seems emotionless and says nothing at all. She and Kohaku have met before

Name: Kohaku Uesugi
Age: 28
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Weapons/powers: Harmonixer. When not fused Kohaku uses a magic sword
Appearance: His eyes went red after receiving The Kiss of Malice, this is because the malice saved his life and went straight to his fusions

Bio: Kohaku remembers very little of his life. His earliest memory is of being half conscious on the side of the road as he dragged himself along and receiving the Kiss of Malice from the mysterious woman. The Kiss of Malice saved his life, but at a price. He now must try to control the malice in his body, lest he become a monster.
Kohaku was murdered. He was a poor single father with an ailing child, but he held his head high and tried his best to provide for them. 'Kohaku Uesugi' isn't his real name, his real name is Shikamaru Soto, but after the beating he took to the head he lost all his memories. He ended up wandering into a cemetery in a daze from The Kiss and took his name from one of the graves in the back. By sheer luck the real Kohaku Uesugi was a loner with no family and no one to remember him.




Zephyrus (wears a black chiton with the upper-half torn off)



Name: Boden Dahl
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 6' 0"
Powers: Light magic

Bio: A descendant from a family of famous doll makers and puppeteers, Boden learned every doll making technique and puppeteering style. Boden was the first in his family to inherit his ancestor's spiritual powers. This lead Boden to start his business: summoning the souls of loved ones into his dolls to speak with the living for one hour before being sent back.
Other: Boden is physically frail, he uses his puppet to fight.

The fighting puppet:

A ball-jointed doll named Koboshi that is 4' 0" tall and used in combat.


  • Exorcist Arrow - summons a bow of light that he and his puppet shoot.
    "Sacred Powers, cast your purifying light upon these corrupt souls"

  • Elder Sign - used to give his puppets the illusion of life.
    No spell, just a sigil on the puppet

  • Nova - creates a bright light that blinds enemies and repels evil spirits.
    "Oh stars in the sky come, appear before my eyes and answer to my call"

  • Sanctuary - forms a safe haven in dangerous areas.
    "My power shall become a shining beacon, that will protect your broken wings"

  • Resurrection - used to summon souls into his dolls.
    "I call upon the Heavenly Messengers, Bring back this soul from Purgatory"

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