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Malcolm Hawke

Post  Jedward on Thu Nov 27, 2014 6:58 pm

Malcolm Hawke: husband to Leandra, father of Alexia, and a damn mystery to everyone.

The first thing I learned about The Champions father was his deal with The Wardens at Vimmark. He was a good man trapped in a horrible deal. The Wardens threatened to kill Leandra if Malcolm didn't use blood magic to strengthen their seals binding a powerful darkspawn named Corypheus. With little choice Malcolm agreed, but he demanded that Warden-Commander Larius pay enough to get his family out of the Free Marches and convince Lord Aristide Amell to allow Leandra and him to leave Kirkwall with impunity. And so the former spirit healer traded compassion for pride.

Larius held up his end of the bargain after Malcolm strengthened the seals and The Hawke Family fled to Ferelden, But Malcolm wasn't the same. According to Leandra, Malcolm always seemed tired and nervous after the move. Some nights he would wake up in a cold sweat and, with little more than a reassuring smile, would leave until morning. When she next saw him he would always be as joyful as ever, hugging the children tightly as they squealed with glee.

Alexia often asked him about his travels: where he had been, where he was from- things like that. Malcolm answered every question, except the one that his children truly wanted answered: Where are you from? Alexia knew it had something to do with the bead filled with sand that he kept in his hair. It had to. That bead was the only one he wouldn't explain. All the others were from places he'd been: Orlais, Rivain, The Anderfels, and Kirkwall to name a few.

(To be continued)

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