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Lonely Hearts

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Years ago there was a terrible war between humans and Einsam, a race that looks like humans with unnatural colored hair and eyes but can harness magic. Now, though there is peace, Einsam are near extinction and most humans carry an illness called The Wraith Virus, with 75% of those infected having a dormant strain. Due to Einsam being immune, most believe it is a curse from them as revenge for the war that left so few of them.

Welcome to Lonely Hearts Academy, a very unique school to say the least. No one knows how students enroll at LHA, there is no entrance exam and any who ask about enrolling are turned away. Students who go to LHA were actually selected and sent letters saying they must pack up and be ready to live at the academy by the next day. LHA offers the best care for their students so most families are ecstatic when they receive a letter

LHAs dorm rooms are very much like single-floor apartments with plenty of space and all furnishings paid for by the academy. All groceries are bought by the school, students hand in personal lists to the Dorm Supervisor of their area. Dorm areas merely act as a way to divide work and provide better care to students. The areas are: Swan Dorms, Raven Dorms, Pigeon Dorms, and Crow Dorms.

One thing that connects the students is that all human students have the dormant Wraith Virus and all Einsam students have some sort of defect, from mental problems to physical malformations that some students have removed. No student leaves the school property for any reason, some even say that whoever tries to leave is never heard from again.

About Einsam

  • An Einsam and Human cannot have a child, they are biologically incompatible
  • Einsam refer to family as their clan, for a human to be treated as a clan member is a great honor that few humans have earned
  • Einsam don't use their last names unless referring to their clan, instead they use titles. These titles are given to them by their friends and family, and vary from a prominent personality trait to their job or passion
  • Some humans adopt Einsam orphans to abuse, very little is done to stop/prevent this. This is because, despite there being peace, most humans in power still hold a grudge against the Einsam and those who don't are too few in numbers to truly make a difference. There are Safe Houses for Einsam victims, but the issue still remains
  • Einsam grow and age much like humans do, but Einsam actually stop aging around the age 50, meaning they are technically immortal. They are still susceptible to illness and injury however

Einsam Abilities

  • Levitation (light objects only)
  • Night Vision (natural, not magic)
  • Illusion Magic
  • Healing Magic
  • Element Manipulation (only 1 element)

Symptoms of The Wraith Virus (* marks symptoms the dormant strain may still present)
Phase 1

  • Hallucinations, auditory and/or visual
  • Memory Loss*
  • Hysteria
  • Paranoia*
  • OCD*

Phase 2

  • Sudden weakness in limbs
  • Weakened immune system
  • Necrosis
  • Organ failure


  1. The Usual
  2. Though you choose your character's classes all Einsam students have mandatory Magics class
  3. This is a casual rp with intrigue if things get slow. As part of the intrigue, no Einsam student remembers how or when they developed their physical/mental problems but a small group of students swear that the Einsam that come to LHA are perfectly healthy until one week after arriving
  4. This is a mix of Fantasy and Sci-Fi, but no cyborgs. Please double check with me if you want to do something special with your character related to physical/mental alterations
  5. Have fun Cool

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